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Tranquility, Beauty, Inspiration. A place alive with Nature.

Tortuga Escondida Residency Center is perfect for your group’s:

  • Yoga retreat

  • Wellness and holistic health training/forum

  • Staff retreat

Jungle Respite

The seclusion of Tortuga Escondida offers an undistracted place; to watch leaves flickering and birds playing chase. To absorb the way clouds stay in motion, to quiet.


The gardens at Tortuga Escondida are being cultivated for indigenous flowers, food and medicine. 


Yoga is woven into the warp and the weave of our bones. There are plenty of places to roll out the mats for a shared or private practices. Whether in yoga retreat or in residence, guests will find the yoga in the breath and life force of this place.


Food is essential to wellness. Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery prepares delicious, nutritious fun fare, as custom designed for groups.

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