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Experiment. Dialogue. Collaborate.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

2020 Residents


Lori Goldberg

Hidden Turtle Residency

Lori Goldberg’s painting practice has evolved over several decades, moving from large, semi-abstracted industrial paintings of Pacific Northwest landscapes to still lifes of everyday objects and portraits of plastic floating in water. Goldberg’s paintings have received multiple awards and grants, and she has participated in several innovative artist residencies. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, where she currently lives, works, and teaches.

Community Outreach

Motivated by teenage activist Greta Thurnberg, the message is that our youth are the new Caretakers of our Planet and of Akumal.


Rescuing a variety of soft and hard plastic trash, students in each class then cleaned it and built sheets of materials. Working in teams each group then designed and drew Flora y Fauna constructing multiple images to create the mobile installation.


Christina Calderon

Hidden Turtle Residency

Christina Calderon, MA, LMHC, ATR-P, graduated from Southwestern Collage with a MA in Art Therapy and Counseling. She is also a licensed massage therapist, published children’s book author, artist and photographer. She maintains a small private practice, Wild Bird Medicine, LLC where she specializes in dream work and various photo therapy techniques. Her art is described as Intuitive, which is a process widely used as a way to connect with a deeper knowing of Self and Spirit.

Community Outreach

The Art of Dreaming

Telebachillerato Comunitario de Akumal el grupo Taller de Dibujo

Biblioteca  Hekab Be 

Remembering dreams, dreaming of the future, students drew and painted their images

Making Critters

Biblioteca Hekab Be 

Creatures made from toilet paper rolls. Who do you see?


Lucia Rollow

Hidden Turtle Residency

Lucia Rollow is the artist, educator and community organizer who in 2009 founded Bushwick Community Darkroom, a community space run by artists and volunteers. The project has grown to occupy a 3,000 square foot warehouse today. While building the darkroom and her team, Rollow established herself as a local leader through her organizing for Bushwick Open Studios. Passionate about taking the BCD to the next level as a professional arts space, Rollow completed her Masters in Arts and Cultural Management at Pratt in 2015.

Community Outreach

Making Pinhole Cameras

Using repurposed boxes brought from home and carton that could by folded into boxes, students from the 5th and 6th grade classes completed this "making" process.


Cynotype Sun Prints - Science 

Using chemicals and the sun, students created designs to capture a 'negative' image.

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